Sarina Farb: Co-Founder

Sarina Farb is a Midwest-based scientist, educator, and activist with a passion for making the world a better place. Sarina has already worn many hats in her quarter-century on this planet, but no matter what hat she is currently wearing she is always using her skills to advocate for a peaceful, just, and sustainable world for all beings. Having been born and raised vegan in Kansas, she has a lifetime of experience speaking and advocating for veganism, climate justice, and sustainable plant-based living.

Sarina earned degrees in biochemistry and policies studies at Grinnell College and Currently teaches high school chemistry and environmental science in Kansas City. She also serves on the Plant-Based Network advisory committee, is a member of the American Vegan Society Speakers Bureau, and writes and creates educational content on her website and youtube channel Born Vegan.

Allison Rivers Samson: Co-Founder 

Allison is a Sustainability Expert who empowers youth and builds communities. She consults organizations, businesses, media, and producers to align actions with values and use their work for good and profit to benefit all. 

Allison co-founded PWR (Plastic Waste Reduction) Coalition, is an award-winning vegan chef, author, co-creator of The Dairy Detox, Nia First Degree Black Belt instructor, and mom.