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The Climate Diet Summit is for you, if you want to...

  • Claim your power as an individual to make a difference 
  • Help stop the climate crisis at its roots
  • Learn the truth about our food and agricultural system
  • Get tips to eat more sustainably and reduce you carbon footprint
  • Take action to protect the environment
  • Discover how plant-based diets can help the planet and you
  • Become empowered to get involved and change our food system 

Why a Climate Diet Summit?

For the first time, we are experiencing a global pandemic like never before. The world already feels like a chaotic place. But remember that little thing called the climate crisis? Yeah, it’s not going away. One thing this situation is teaching us is that we DO have the power and capability to make drastic and rapid changes to solve global problems.

We can claim our power as individuals and start making a HUGE difference TODAY.

Our food and agriculture system is one of the biggest drivers of the climate emergency, species extinction, environmental degradation, and the spread of disease.

Did you know that diet change is one of the most powerful ways to stop climate change?

We need both institutional and individual change immediately, but too few people and organizations are talking about the power we as individuals have every single day.

Join us today to learn how we can create a JUST food system that will bring us the SUSTAINABLE future we all want.

This is an all-hands-on-deck crisis, and this is a solution that demands immediate attention—we can't have climate justice without food justice.

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Meet the Summit Speakers!

As seen in...

Genesis Butler

Youth Activist & Youngest-ever TEDx Speaker

Captain Paul Watson

Marine Wildlife Conservationist

Miyoko Schinner

Founder & CEO of Miyoko's Creamery

Sailesh Rao, PhD

Executive Director of Climate Healers

lauren Ornelas

President of Food Empowerment Project

Dr. Michael Klaper

Physician, Nutrition Educator, & Author

Lana Weidgenant

Climate Justice Activist & Deputy Director of Zero Hour

Will Tuttle PhD

Lecturer & Author of The World Peace Diet

Lee Hall JD, LLM

Environmental & Climate Law Professor & Author

Dr. Milton Mills

Critical Care Physician & Public Health Advocate 

Rachel Parent

Safe Food Advocate & Youth Climate Activist

Nil Zacharias

Founder of One Green Planet & Eat For the Planet

Connie Spence

Founder & Director of the Agriculture Fairness Alliance

Ellen Jaffe Jones

Author of Vegan on
4 Dollars A Day

Luke Marsh

Project Director of Sadhana Forest India

Hope Bohanec

Author & Activist, United Poultry Concerns

Are you ready to take action and learn how you can make a difference today?

Hi! We’re your hosts, Sarina and Allison!

We’re passionate about addressing the climate crisis and creating a just food system for a sustainable future. With nearly 50 combined years of expertise in sustainable living and environmental advocacy, we’ll bring you the latest and most cutting-edge science and knowledge along with tips about how YOU can reduce your contribution to the climate crisis TODAY!

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The Climate Diet Summit Schedule

This Summit aired live April 14-18, 2020. To access all of these videos now plus great bonus materials, purchase the All-Access Pass for only $97.

DAY 1 April 14th: The Problem - Why Agriculture Matters

  • lauren Ornelas - Food Justice: Using Food as a Tool for Social Change
  • Nil Zacharias - Sustainable Eating for a Growing World
  • Rachel Parent - The Solution Beneath Our Feet
  • Connie Spence - How Current Agriculture Policies are Devastating Our Environment and How We Can Fix the Rigged System 

DAY 2 April 15th: Debunking Myths

  • Dr. Milton Mills - Why the Best Diet for Planetary Health is the Best Diet for Human Health
  • Hope Bohanec - The Truth About “Grass-fed” and “Free-range”
  • Captain Paul Watson - How to Save Our Oceans and Humanity 
  • Dr. Michael Klaper - How the Roots of the Climate Crisis and the Pandemic are Connected

DAY 3 April 16th: Putting the Solution Into Action

  • Miyoko Schinner - Revolutionizing the Dairy Industry
  • Genesis Butler - The Power of Youth to Change the World
  • Lee Hall - The Connection Between Planetary Exploitation and Animal Exploitation
  • Ellen Jaffe Jones - Eating for the Climate on a Budget

DAY 4 April 17th: Creating a Better Agricultural System

  • Sailesh Rao, PhD - The Surprising Truth Behind the Leading Cause of Climate Change
  • Lana Weidgenant - How to Create Institutional Change in Food Service
  • Will Tuttle, PhD - Claiming Your Personal Power to Solve the Climate Crisis
  • Luke Marsh - Planting Food Forests to Sustainably Feed the World

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Climate Diet summit aired live April 14-18, 2020. You can still watch the entire summit by purchasing our All-Access-Pass, which gives you unlimited access to all 16 interviews and great bonus content for just $97. 

The Climate Diet summit aired live April 14-18, 2020. Now, you can get unlimited access to all of these video interviews plus downloadable audio files, speakers notes, and bonus videos with our All-Access Pass for only $97.

If you care about the environment and addressing the climate crisis the Climate Diet Summit is for YOU! However, we are especially curating our content for youth, millennials, and those who are looking for inspiration, empowerment, and tools to make the biggest difference they can with their lives and daily actions. 

Wherever you are—this event is entirely online! You will receive emails with links to the interviews when the Summit goes live. 


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